Villas for Sale

Kalo Livadi Luxury Villas for Sale

Mykonian Jewel Villas (NEW!!)

  • Number of Villas: 2
  • Plot Size: 400 m²
  • Villa Size: 200 m² (each)
  • Bedrooms: 3
  • Bathrooms: 3
  • Floors: 2
  • Parking: Yes


Frames: wooden windows, external doors, internal doors, cream colored by FIERA CASA (10 years guarantee)

Walls: traditional white and press coated

Cooling and Heating: Funcoil installations, Hitachi Technibel France central unit (5 years guarantee) for all spaces

Floors: Kavala A’ class brush polished pressed marble

Living room: skyrian type three seat wooden sofa, armchair, traditional engraved dining table, 6 chairs, plasma TV, traditional fireplace, white built in chest of drawers, built in arch bar, silk lined curtains.

Kitchen: built in kitchen furniture by Pedini, refrigerator-freezer, double sink, dishwashing machine, clothes washing machine, ceramic furnaces, oven, absorber, engraved wooden furniture with cupboards and drawers, electric devices by Whirpool and Zannuzi

Bedroom: A’ quality Swedish wood floors, 5 cm. one piece. Linen curtain, wooden engraved bed, bed side tables, and commode. Glass cupboard by Pelini Company. Orthopedic mattress from coconut palm tree and latex.

Bathroom: marble floor, walls, marble bench, black granite sink, ideal standard hydro massage bathtub .Wooden engraved mirror, hanging illuminator, toilet by moda bagnio

First floor bedroom: embedded bed, bedside tables, embedded sofa, chiffonier furniture, and handmade orthopedic mattress. Internal bathroom by walk in closet. Cotton curtain, gauze.Bathroom marble floors, wall mirrors.

Bedroom second floor: traditional iron bed, bedside tables, chiffonier, walk in closet, linen curtain, anatomic handmade mattress, antique illuminator

*Balcony from outdoor Dakiraim wood .Monastic table, 6 chairs

*Balcony from oak tree and Mauritius sea plywood.

The door handles at all internal and external doors are traditional from massive bronze

The yards are coated with Kavala pressed marble

The pumps and the reservoir presses are from GRUNFOS Company